Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of WillWritingService.co.uk

www.Willwritingservice.co.uk is owned and operated by Mattwalk Limited
26 Bryn Road, Weymouth, Dorset DT4 0NP
Company No. 04633514

Terms and conditions

1. The owner of this website, and the provider of the will writing service is Mattwalk
Limited, trading as MW Legal Services who are referred to throughout as the Company, we
or us. We are members of The Society of Will Writers.

2. In order that we prepare a will that reflects your wishes, we ask you to provide complete
answers to the questions posed within the online forms. Please ensure, and check, that answers
given are correct and spelt correctly, with capital letters as appropriate, as this is the
information upon which your will is created.

3. If the information you provide is not correct, it is possible that your will may not correctly
reflect your wishes; or in extreme cases, it is possible that your will may not take effect. In
the circumstance where the information you provide is incorrect, we cannot be held
responsible for the effect of such incorrect information.

4. You have the opportunity to check, review and change the information you have provided at
any time up to confirmation of your draft will being satisfactory. After this, you cannot change the
information unless you wish to purchase a new will.

5. By using this website, reading these terms and conditions of business and agreeing to them, you
confirm that you are not blind and acting of your own free will and not subject to any
coercion or any undue influence; you also confirm that you have sufficient testamentary
capacity to understand that you are making a will and that when you sign it you do so with
the intention of it binding your executors.

6. If you are using this website to create a will for someone else, making payment confirms that
you are doing so with the full knowledge of that person and with their permission and that
you are correctly representing their wishes.

7. By making payment you are agreeing to all of the Company’s Terms and Conditions and
accept liability for your actions.

Limitation/Exclusion of Liability

8. In addition to the above exclusion relating to the provision of incorrect information, we
confirm that the will is provided on the basis that it is for your benefit and that of your
beneficiaries. We do not assume liability to anyone else in relation to the provision of the
will and guidance for its signature.

9. Wills provided by us are prepared in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and are
unlikely to fulfil your wishes if the will is governed by the laws of another country.

10. By making payment you agree that the Company has not offered you and cannot be held
liable for any of the following:
– Estate Planning advice
– Legal advice
– Financial advice

11. Wills are provided with guidance notes as to the signing of the will. If you do not follow
these guidance notes then it may effect the validity of your will. If you do not have a valid
will, your money and belongings may be distributed in a different way to that which you had
intended. If you do not follow the guidance notes as to signing the will, then we cannot
accept responsibility for the effect of incorrect signatures.

12. Your will may not necessarily be effective in saving any tax. It is your responsibility to take
independent advice on your Tax situation and how your death may effect that Tax situation.

13. We cannot accept responsibility for the appropriateness of any will produced by this website, or
its relevancy to your particular situation. Wills are drafted by reference to
the answers you give. In the circumstances the generation of wills via this website does not
constitute legal advice. It is your responsibility to take independent Legal Advice relating to
your will.

14. By making payment you confirm that you have, or the person that you are creating a will for
has, adequate mental capacity to enable the will to become a legal document.


15. Whilst we will do all we can to ensure our service is satisfactory, if you are dissatisfied please
contact us. There is a written complaints procedure available to you upon request. Any
complaints should be directed to Matt Walkden MW Legal Services 26 Bryn Road Weymouth
Dorset DT4 0NP.

Refunds Rights to Cancel and the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and
Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 (“the Regulations”).

16. In the unlikely event of a fault occurring with our programme which we are unable to
resolve within 7 days of your notifying us, we will refund to the payment method from which
payment was originally taken, the amount paid by you.

17. However, if you receive documents generated in accordance with your responses to the
online interview questions, they are electronic in form and therefore non-returnable. In such
cases no refund is possible.

18. By agreeing to our terms and conditions you confirm that you agree to receive the
information we must provide you with under the Regulations by email and that email is an
appropriate format.

19. We do not know your personal circumstances and therefore cannot confirm that the will is
appropriate for you; only that it, on the face of it, constitutes a validly drafted will.