Will News: Woman Stuns Sons By Announcing Plans To Leave £1 Million Fortune To Her Dog!

Rose Ann Bolsany has shocked her family by announcing her intention of leaving a fortune to her Maltese Terrier called Bella Mia. The accountant from Queen’s in New York said she loves her pooch so much that she wants her beloved dog to continue living a life of luxury once her master is gone.

The 60 year old will leave her three-year old dog an estimated £1 million fortune which includes a trust fund, jewellery and a holiday home. According to Bolsany, her dog is a ‘gift from God’ and she treats it like a princess. A typical dinner for Bella Mia consists of fillet mignon steak and her bedroom is stocked with extravagant outfits specially designed for dogs.

No Family Feud

Bolsany claims her sons are not kicking up a fuss about being left out of her will because they are successful and don’t need the money. She also says her sons know how happy Bella Mia has made her and understand that she wants to reward her faithful pet by ensuring she will never be deprived of the luxury she has grown accustomed to.

Bizarrely, Bella Mia has a paramour; a Chihuahua named Bogie who gave her a diamond necklace worth £400 on Valentine’s Day last year. Bella Mia has won a number of competitions and has the honour of being the first dog to win the New York Pet Fashion award two years in a row.

This is far from the first time an eccentric millionaire has left a fortune to a dog. In 2007, Leona Helmsley, a New York hotelier, left an estimated £8 million to her Maltese dog called Trouble in her will. However, this amount was reduced to £1.5 million by a judge and Trouble died in 2011.